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A New Kind of Media Production Company
In the Twenty-First Century, a new way of doing business has come of age. With the growing penetration of the Internet, it is no longer necessary to maintain a brick and mortar location in order to produce top-quality media. In fact, by taking advantage of the digital age, Blue Star Media Group is able to create any type of media at a fraction of the cost of traditional production.

We are a loose association of professional media artists working together to bring creative solutions to small and medium sized businesses, at affordable rates. Our members include highly creative specialists in video production; web development; graphic design; photography; sound recording; animation and project management.

Blue Star Media Group brings an extensive range of media production capabilities without the costs normally incurred by companies with similar creative capacity. Because each of our specialists supplies and maintains his or her computers and production equipment, there is no need for a large central facility and the related expenses. When you contract with Blue Star Media Group for a specific production, you are not paying for un-needed staff. Only those professionals necessary for your unique media creation are included in the team.

We Work Within YOUR Budget
You define the scope and budget of your production to one of our experienced Project Managers and we build the perfect team to meet your needs. No need to spend your valuable time looking for the right people and coordinating the media purchases. Blue Star Media Group gives you all the benefits of working with an expensive ad agency while keeping the costs within the reach of small businesses.

Please contact Blue Star Media Group for a free, professional evaluation of your needs.